DeaconsWalk1999  Deacon's Walk aerial around 1999. LehmanAerial.2012 TPC.1998-99  TPC Clubhouse under construction, about 1998. TPC.2013.SM  TPC Clubhouse about 2010.
Pond.1999Circa  Lehman Lane inner circle pond, about 1999. InnerPond2002SM  Lehman Lane inner circle pond, about 2002. No sod by sidewalk. InnerPond2003.SM  Lehman Lane inner circle pond, about 2003. Sodded now by sidewalk. roofing2008  2008. New roofs after a previous summer hailstorm.
Inspectors.Nov.2010.SM  Inspectors galore! All from intersted parties as MADWA files notice for remediation. AnnualMtg.2006.SM  MADWA annual meeting at TPC, 2006. LehmanDesignFinal.SM  Architect's final design for remediation. BlairHome.SM.May.11  Blair house is the first to undergoe remediation, May, 2011.
DrainageBlair.2011SM  New drainage plan behind every home, 2011. WindowRemoval.2012.SM  Windows being pulled and inspected. StepsJackhammerSM  Added problem--all front steps removed and replaced! 2276.5.17.2011SM  2276 before remediation.
2276.2013SM  2276 after remeditation. SturmsLandscapeSM  Sturm's regraded and re-decked just for fun! LehmanGroup3SM  Tom Lehman visited Lehman Lane in 2011 at request of Jeppsons. LehmanChristmas2012.SM  Lehman Lane annual Holliday Party, 2012.
LehmanPIcnic.2006  Lehman Lane annual picnic, 2006. LehmanPIcnic.2009SM  Lehman Lane annual picnic, 2009.