Annual Meeting Minutes


Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

6:30 PM 


Dale Jensen, President, called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  A quorum was achieved through the representation of 96 homes.  Board members in attendance included Larry Trapp, Maggie Tatton, Dale Jensen and Heide Miller.  Also in attendance was Melinda Johnson; Community Manager, and Jesse Dubuque; Assistant Community Manager, both from Community Development, Inc.


Guest Speakers


Clark Arneson, Blaine City Manager, provided city updates and information.  He discussed briefly the airport expansion.  Homeowners presented the following concerns: watering of the dirt pit along 109th ave., and Veolia services.  Barkley Kruse from the National Sports Center provided information on a variety of opportunities for this coming summer.  Scott Roth shared information and specials for Victory Links golf center.


Financial Report


Heide Miller, Treasurer, presented the financial report consisting of the year-end balance sheet and income statement.  She explained the line items in detail on both financial statements.  Melinda shared a graph showing the expenses over the last 5 years.  Melinda then reviewed the 2009 Budget. Heide and Melinda answered routine questions.


Annual Management Report


Melinda Johnson presented the annual report, as follows:


Capital Expenditures in Excess of $5,000.00


Currently there are no planned expenditures in excess of $5,000.00.


Reserve Accounts


As of December 31, 2008 the Reserve Account balance is $22,962.16 and $20,000 CD.  Each year the budget includes $6,800 designated to the reserves.  Interest is earned and detailed on the Income Expense Statement.


Financial Report


Homeowners were mailed the 2008 year end financials with the December 2008 mailing. 


Pending Lawsuits


The Association is not a party to any pending lawsuits or judgments.


Insurance Coverage


The property is insured with:               Agency:  American Family

                                                                        Agent:     Jeffrey Mayhew

                                                                        Phone:    (763) 551-1074


Policy Type



Effective Dates

Commercial General Liability

American Family


1/1/09 Š 1/1/10

Property Damage

American Family


1/1/09 Š 1/1/10

Directors & Officers

American Family


1/1/09 Š 1/1/10

Crime & Fidelity

American Family


1/1/09 Š 1/1/10


Delinquent Assessments  


Days Delinquent

# Of Residents

Total $ Amount

Over 90

25 Homeowners



Detail:                                    $10,098 Dues

$4,000 Late Fees

$6,561 Attorney


All Late Fees and Attorney Fees are the responsibility of the Homeowner.  During 2008 $20,476 (accumulated over several years) was written off as bad debt due to mortgage foreclosures.  The Association recently adopted a new CollectionÕs Policy and is contracting with HOA Financial Services to handle debt collection.




Karen Fisher, homeowner, agreed to assist with counting the ballots. The elections were to fill 2 two-year terms on the Board of Directors.  Three individuals were nominated.  Heide Miller, Jerry Seeman, and Adam Kiedrowski were nominated.  Jerry Seeman and Heide Miller received votes to fill the 2 positions.  They will hold term until April of 2011 unless otherwise.


New Business



  1. A motion was made and seconded to approve a letter be sent to the TPC to commend them on their contribution and services to the DeaconÕs Walk neighborhood.  Motion approved.  Melinda will compose a letter. 
  2. Melinda shared that the 3M Championship tour will be in July.  Homeowners will need to have vehicle passes.
  3. Garage Sale will be held June 4, 5, & 6th.
  4. Several homeowners expressed concern regarding the several homes that set up ice rinks on the ponds over the winter.  The Board explained that the homeowners were sent violation notices and continued to skate against the established rules of the Association.


Dale Jensen motioned for the meeting to adjourn at 7:45 pm, motion was carried unanimously. 


Minutes submitted by:  Melinda Johnson, Senior Community Manager. 

Minutes approved via email:  Board of Directors and appointed Minutes Committee Members:  Darrold Schall, Dorothy Rust, John Ashby, James Zachau, Richard Merrill, and Fred Kunze.